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We welcome you with open hands to benefit from the positive changes which will happen to your body, mind and soul. Our classes are open anytime to the trainees who come with open heart and the willingness to learn the asanas which will benefit them according to their age, body and health conditions. Enter the class with a plain mind as this will help in better and quick understanding the positive vibe of practicing Yoga. Lot of dedication and discipline is required to feel the benefit for life.

The benefits of Yoga poses are for everyone, from fitness freaks to seekers of a calmer and focused mind, from enjoyers of Yogic bliss to those who wish to attain a higher state of consciousness.

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Yoga Instructor

Veeresh Kumar

Position:Practitioner and proprietor
Veeresh Kumar is a young and an avid yoga practitioner, proprietor and an instructor at SGS yoga school. He is a professional yoga instructor with yoga specific degrees, such as, Y.I.C ( Yoga instructor course ) and D.Y.T (Diploma in yoga therapy). He is been practicing yoga for 15 years, worked as an instructor at prominent yoga centers before establishing Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga 5 years back.

Yoga helps us to Detox and De-stress. With regular practice, we will get rid of all the toxins, stress and pain. Our body will be energized and our organs will start functioning normally.

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BLOG-44 – Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana

Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana: Meaning: Urdhva = “Upward, Up, Raised”: Mukha = “Face”: Paschima = “West, Back, Back of the body”: Uttana = “Intense Stretch”: Asana = Pose What is Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana? Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana is a seated asana that requires balance and provides an intense hamstring stretch. The name comes from the Sanskrit, urdhva, meaning “upward”; mukha, meaning “face”; paschimo,...

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BLOG-43 – Veerabhadrasana

Veerabhadrasana – Part - I: Meaning: Veera = “Courageous or Brave/ Warrior”: Bhadra = “Blessed or Fortunate”: Asana = Pose What is Veerabhadrasana? Veerabhadra is a mythological character created by Lord Shiva, and this pose derives its name from there. The Virabhadrasana I is an asana honouring the feats of a legendary warrior. Hence, it...

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Blog-42 – Pasasana

Pasasana Meaning: Pasa = “Noose/ tie/ snare”: Asana = Pose What is Pasasana? Pasasana is a posture in which the body is twisted, and the arms are bound around the squatting legs. The name comes from the Sanskrit pasa, meaning “noose,” “tie” or “snare,” and asana, which means "pose" or “posture." It is so called because of the...

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