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Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga was conceptualized way back in 2002 but officially founded in 2012 by Shri Veeresh, with a broader vision of becoming a householder to propagate the message of yoga, he believed that the benefits of yoga should be shared to all for better health and bliss.

Since many people came to learn yoga only as a solution for their health problems, the founder emphasized on teaching yoga as a way of life and to remove obstacles in one’s personality for a better way of living. The Institute was thus designed in such a way that the trainees not just learn the asanas but also to learn to live. The simplicity, sincerity and non-commercial angle of Sri Guru Raya school of Yoga caters to the trainees and offers guidelines of how to manage self and keep up one’s sanity as well as balance in today’s competitive, tension-ridden world.

The Institute serves hundreds of people daily for training, health benefits and consultations.

The objective of the institute remains as humble in teaching the art of a healthy way of life at physical, mental and spiritual levels. Caring, mindfulness and discipline will be its hallmark rather than it possessing tall buildings and expansive campus.

Our YOGA classes are offered for various ailments like:

  • Weight Loss
  • Lower Back pain, Sciatica, Slipped Disc, Spondylitis, Arthritis
  • Thyroid disorders – Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism
  • Women’s  health – PCOD/PCOS, Menstrual disorders, Period pains, Fibroid, Cysts, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), Menopause related health issues
  • Infertility, difficulty in conceiving, Reproductive health issues
  • Neurology disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Respiratory ailments –Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Nasal allergy, Chronic Bronchitis
  • Digestive Disorders – Acidity, constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS), Indigestion, Gastritis, Ulcers
  • Hypertension (high BP), Hypotension  (low BP), Cholesterol
  • Insomnia/sleeplessness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Tiredness
  • Headaches – Migraine, Cluster headaches, Sinus headache
  • Neck & Shoulder pain,  Frozen shoulder,
  • Knee pain, Leg pain, Foot pain
  • Diabetes
  • Injury recovery
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Yoga for seniors  – Gentle restorative Yoga appropriate for the elderly.
  • Yoga to strengthen eyesight- Eye exercises to improve vision (Trataka). Especially beneficial for children.

For the benefit and based on the interest of our students/ Trainees, we have categorized the classes/ batches as General/ group, Ladies only, Age-wise, Special Classes and Individual (one-on-one sessions).

Regular practise of Yoga helps us in bettering our life style and in relieving from stress and pain. In the present life style, our body is addicted to many things which affect us very badly. We tend to take medicines even for common ailment like headache/ fever and cold. Apart from the medicines, the various chemicals present in the foods that we intake makes our body a chemical bin. Our body is treated as a waste bin where all the chemicals and toxins accumulate. How to eliminate the toxins from our body?

It is same as spoiling a fertile land by using lot of fertilizers season on season. After some years the soil will be dead and we cannot grow any plants in that soil as the soil would have lost all the fertility and minerals present in it. Similar way, due to our present life style, our body has accumulated lot of toxins which will slowly affect our vital organs one by one.

Yoga helps us to Detox and De-stress. With regular practise, we will get rid of all the toxins, stress and pain. Our body will be energised and our organs will start functioning normally.

Yoga is not just to Detox and De-stress but to re-energise our mind, re-generate our cells, re-vitalize our body, re-awake our soul and rejuvenate our life.

Welcome to explore that the whole existence is just one energy manifesting itself in various forms. Enjoy the fruit of being in wellness, the happiness of being in better health and in best shape. Also let us benefit through various classes to strengthen our mind, body and soul. Let us welcome happiness to our life… Happy, healthy & better days ahead!!!

our Vision

Sri Guru Raya school of Yoga’s vision is health and bliss for all.


To teach yoga to all levels, through the coordination of body, breath and mind. To offer tailor-made yoga practices on the basis of Abhyasa, Arogya and Ananda (practice, health and bliss), catering for specific needs of people of all age groups, considering their present health conditions.

Live The Life You Love

  • Enrolling in this yoga school is one of the best things that happened to me. I am very grateful to the amazing teacher Veeresh sir, He is one of the best practitioner/ teacher in Bengaluru and knows exactly how to stretch each of us to reach newer heights physically and mentally. I highly recommend this to all seekers of mind and body.

    Avinash Nb

  • I live in the US with my husband. My husband met Veeresh sir and started training with him during a vacation in India 7 months back. I and my husband are learning online with Veeresh sir from the last 6 months. The journey and results have been phenominal. We are very grateful to Veeresh sir for teaching us. We couldn't have found such an amazing practitioner and teacher of true yoga in the US.

    Sweta Avinash

  • Transforming the life through Yoga is no less than attaining Salvation and a GURU acts like an Oxygen. Veeresh Sir is undoubtedly the best GURU I have come across throughout my Yoga career as he holds the best qualities that would transform a novoice into an experienced practitioner. He takes us to an extreme level where a day we miss Yoga will be a day we feel incomplete. I highly recommend everyone to at least visit the place once.

    Sneha Tembad

  • Excellent methodology and adjustment classes. Exactly what I was looking to learn in a teacher training. Thank you Veeresh Sir ! Your Passion, Simplicity and Individual attention makes it easy to follow and Motivates to be regular. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who is interested in pursuing this path.

    Harsha Kulkarni

  • There are no group yoga sessions except on Sundays. Teaching is customized to each individual based on their age, health problems, flexibility and other factors. Very systematic approach to teaching Yoga. Highly recommended

    Ravi S Gowda

  • Nothing less than a 5 star rating. I recommend GuruRaya school of yoga and fitness centre as the place to visit if you are - (1) Run down by the unstoppable madness of leading an urban life. (2) Caught in the web of false wellness/fitness centres claiming to perform miracles in our lives. (3) To improve your overall health and to start adopting a healthy lifestyle. (4) To just lead a happy and blissful life. 🙂 Cheerio!!!

    Dr Anuradha

  • Avinash Nb
  • Sweta Avinash
  • Sneha Tembad
  • Harsha Kulkarni
  • Ravi S Gowda
  • Dr Anuradha

Yoga Instructor

Veeresh Kumar

Position:Practitioner and proprietor
Veeresh Kumar is a young and an avid yoga practitioner, proprietor and an instructor at SGS yoga school. He is a professional yoga instructor with yoga specific degrees, such as, Y.I.C ( Yoga instructor course ) and D.Y.T (Diploma in yoga therapy). He is been practicing yoga for 15 years, worked as an instructor at prominent yoga centers before establishing Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga 5 years back.