Blog-1 – Vasisthasana: (Side plank pose) – Part 1

Who is Vasistha?

Vasistha is one of the Saptharishis (Seven great sages) in the seventh i.e., the present Manvantara. He is the Manasputra of God Brahma. He had in his possession the divine cow Kamadhenu and Nandini her child, who could grant anything to their owners.

Vasistha is credited as the chief author of Mandala 7 of Rigveda. The Hymns composed by Vasistha are dedicated to Agni, Indra and other Gods.

In Ramayana, Vasistha is the Guru to Rama. He is the Rajpurohit/ Rajguru of the Suryavansha or Solar Dynasty.

The Saptharishis – Kashyapa, Atri, Bhardwaja, Gautama, Jamadagni, Vasistha and Visvamitra are present in the sky as stars in the Northern part of the sky known as Saptrarshi Mandala, dedicated to the Saptharishis. The brightest star among them is Vasistha.

Vasisthasana – This asana is dedicated to Vashistha.

Vasistha – Wealthy/ richest/ best/ most excellent; asana – pose.

Demonstration Method – steps

Step 1 – Tadasana (Samasthiti) – It is a basic standing asana in Yoga, with feet together and hands at the side of body.

Breathing – Normal breathing.

Step 2 – Adho mukha svanasana – It is foundation Yoga asana that requires flexibility and upper body strength. In this asana, the body forms an inverted “V” with the feet and hands pressing into the ground and the hips pushing to the sky. As an inverted pose, adho mukha svanasana gets blood and body fluids flowing in the opposite direction by reversing the action of gravity.

Breathing – jump with exhalation for adho mukha svanasana

Step 3 – Balancing on one hand – right (first is with right hand/ side) – Come to plank pose, place your right hand slightly ahead of your shoulder and not below it. Make sure that the palm is pressed against the floor and the arm is absolutely straight. Gently shift your weight on the right side from your arm to foot. Swing your left arm and left foot over and rest the left foot on the right foot as your left arm rests on your hips. As you hold the pose for few seconds, turn your gaze to your raised arm and look at the fingertip.

Breathing – Inhale

Step 4 – Turning towards left and repeat the same pattern another side.

Breathing – Exhale, as you exhale, repeat this pose on your left side.


30 to 60 seconds based on the comfort level. It should be normal breathing when in the Posture.


  1. Strengthens the arms, shoulders, wrist and strengthens back muscles
  2. Tones up the belly fat and strengthens abdomen
  3. Very good for Rib cage, blood circulations and heart-related problems
  4. Improves sense of balance & coordination and body’s upper strength.


  1. It is not recommended for those who had undergone surgery – heart, hernia, arm, appendix etc.
  2. Not advisable for Ladies during their monthly cycle and for the pregnant woman.
  3. Not advisable if there is any injury to wrist, shoulder and elbow.

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    Practicing yoga under the guidance of Veeresh Ji is amazing who has transformed me so much over the past four years. A best place to learn yoga, a committed person is there to teach good yoga. We I joined I was around 89 kgs and I have lost more than 20 kgs and never put on weight again. I would like to recommend this place for all interested to come and learn. Being a Christian I have never experienced or being forced to say any slokas etc. and I feel just interacting with by body.


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