Blog-20 – Poorna Salabhasana

Meaning: Poorna = Full/ Complete : Salabha = Grasshopper/ Locust : Asana = Pose

What is Poorna Salabhasana?

Poorna Salabhasana, the name comes from Sanskrit, Salabha meaning “grasshopper” or “locust”. This asana is the reverse posture to the cobra posture. The asana activates the lower waist down area of the body. So this asana gives maximum benefit when done after the cobra posture.

Demonstration Method- steps:

Step 1 – Initially, lie on stomach with chin on ground plus palms placed just under thighs.

Breathing – Normal Breathing

Step 2 – Raise both the legs as high as possible

Breathing – Inhale

Step 3 – Place shoulders and arms in firm direct contact with the ground.

Breathing – Exhale

Step 4 – Do swing your legs slow and steadily up to much higher level. Do not bend the knees.

Breathing – Inhale

Step 5 – Then perfectly balance with your arms, chin and shoulders.

Breathing – Exhale

Step 6 – Remain in this position for few seconds or as much as you are comfortable. Return to normal position.

Breathing – Normal Breathing

Duration: 30 to 60 seconds on each posture based on the comfort level. It should be normal breathing when in the Posture.

Benefits for children:

  1. It strengthens and stretches the muscles of the back, the lower back especially.
  2. It stimulates the digestive process and gives better appetite.
  3. It tones up gallbladder, spleen and stomach helping to get rid of stomach related problems.
  4. It stimulates the nervous system and balances the functioning of abdominal organs and liver.
  5. It cures the diseases related to lungs and is beneficial in the initial stages of Fistula.
  6. It stretches the arms, thighs, belly, chest, shoulders and strengthens the backs of legs and arms.
  7. It relieves cervical spondylosis, rheumatism, arthritis and lumbago.
  8. It prevents and regulates menstrual problems.
  9. It gives better energy to the throat
  10. It reduces mental stress and physical strain.

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