Blog-21 – Ardha Matsyendrasana

Meaning: Ardha = Half : Mats = Fish : Indra = King : Asana = Pose

What is Ardha Matsyendrasana?

This asana is named after the Yogi Matsyendranath. The name is taken from the Sanskrit words. This is also called half spinal twist pose.

Demonstration Method- steps:

Step 1 – Sit up with legs stretched out straight in front of you, keeping the feet together and the spine erect.

Breathing – Normal Breathing

Step 2 – Bend the left leg and place the heel of the left foot beside the right hip.

Breathing – Normal Breathing

Step 3 – Take the right leg over the left knee. Place the left hand on the right knee and the right hand behind you.

Breathing – Normal Breathing

Step 4 – Twist the waist, shoulders and neck in this sequence to the right and look over the right shoulder. Keep the spine erect.

Breathing – Normal Breathing

Step 5 – Hold the asana for 30 to 60 seconds while breathing normally.

Breathing – Normal Breathing

Remain in the posture for 30 to 60 seconds.

Step 6 – To Breathing out, release the right hand first, release the waist, then chest, lastly the neck and sit up relaxed yet straight.

Breathing – Exhale

Duration: 30 to 60 seconds on each posture based on the comfort level. It should be normal breathing when in the Posture.

Benefits for children:

  1. It makes spine supple and increases the elasticity of the spine. It tones the spinal nerves and improves the way the spinal cord functions.
  2. This asana helps to cure a slipped disc, helps relieve stiffness and back pain from between the vertebrae.
  3. The twist position massages the abdominal organs, therefore increasing the digestive juices and increasing the functioning of the digestive system. This also helps regulate the secretion of both adrenalin and bile.
  4. This asana helps to stretch the muscles on one side of the body while compressing the muscles on the other side.
  5. This asana helps to massage and stimulate the pancreas, and thus, helps those suffering from diabetes.
  6. It helps to open up the chest and increase the supply of oxygen to the lungs.
  7. It helps to loosen the joints at the hip and also releases stiffness.
  8. It increases the circulation of the blood, purifies the blood and detoxifies the internal organs.
  9. This asana helps to cure urinary tract infections and beneficial for menstrual disorders.





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