Blog-34 – Baddha Padmasana

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Continuing with the asanas to help reduce the menstrual issue, here is another asana.

Baddha Padmasana:

Meaning: Baddha = Locked/ bound : Padma = Lotus : Asana = Pose

What is Baddha Padmasana?

The word “Baddha” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “bound” or “locked”. This asana is also known by different names such as the “locked lotus pose” or “Bound lotus locked” it is so called because the limbs of the body are firmly locked up and clamp to amplify its steadiness of the body in this posture.

How does it Help?

  1. Since your body weight is supported by the knees and ankles of your joints, this pose works to keep your legs strong. Further, this asana can help alleviate any pain in the ankle or knee joints.
  2. Practicing this asana regularly can help you overcome any weakness in your heart, liver, stomach and lungs.
  3. This asana helps to cure diseases such as indigestion, stomach-ache, flatulence, etc.
  4. It circulates the blood in the back, relieving backache and cervical spondylitis problems.
  5. A good stretch in the pelvic region substantially reduces the blood circulation in the legs, redirecting it into the pelvic organs.

How to do the asana?

  1. Sit in the Yoga posture called Padmasana with legs crossed.
  2. The heels should touch the lower abdomen or belly.
  3. Then take your right hand behind your back.
  4. Now catch hold on right leg with the index finger and middle finger of the right hand.
  5. Then take your left hand behind your back and grip the toe of the left leg with the index finger and middle finger of the left hand.
  6. Now press the chin against the chest.
  7. Look at the tip of the nose.
  8. Remain in this posture for 30 to 60 seconds.
  9. Breathe normally. 

What are the cautions to be taken?

  1. Don’t perform this asana in case of ankle or knee injury.
  2. Avoid this asana if you have severe back pain.
  3. Pregnant women must not practice this asana.
  4. Always perform Yogic activities under the supervision of experts.

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