Blog-37 – Padma Hamsasana

Healthy Women…

Here is another asana, to relieve a few problems related to menstruation.

Padma Hamsasana:

The name comes from Sanskrit ‘Hamsa = ‘Swan and ‘Asana’ = ‘posture’.

Hamsasana or “Swan Pose” is an asana which resembles a swan when performed. Two swans representing breath and spirit called Ham and Sa appear in the ancient text Saundarya Lahari. Ham is the in breath and Sa is the out. Benefits of Hamsasana range from improved digestion to strengthening of the arms and abdominal muscles.

How does it help women?

  1. It stretches the hip joints
  2. It flexes and strengthens the spine, shoulders, wrists, chest, throat and pelvic area
  3. It affects the abdominal area, increasing its flow of blood and energy
  4. It brings more strength to your arms
  5. The action of lifting the legs strengthens the muscles of the wrist and forearms and the lower back
  6. It is very good for removing constipation and piles

How to practice Padma Hamsasana?

  1. Sit in Padmasana
  2. Keep your hands between your knees on the ground
  3. Your fingers should be pointing towards your chest
  4. You can rest the abdomen on the elbows, and put your head down on the floor.
  5. Keep your elbows together
  6. Lift your head up, making the body as a straight plank
  7. Use your knees in order to balance the full weight of the legs
  8. In the last position, the overall weight of your body is supported by your palms
  9. Neck and head should be maintained straight to be effective in line with your body
  10. Hold the pose for 30 – 60 seconds. Beginners should practice the pose for 10-30 seconds

Who should not practice this asana?

  1. People suffering from knee, hip, pelvic, low back or ankle pain should begin with modifications
  2. It is not for the people who have hernia and the hypertension
  3. Women who are in the midst of becoming pregnant are advised not to practice the asana
  4. People who are overweight or obese can be extra careful because the overall weight of your body will rest on your arms, toes and belly

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