Blog-45 – Hamsasana


Meaning: Hamsa = “Swan”: Ham = “breath”: Sa = “Spirit”: Asana = Pose

What is Hamsasana?

Hamsasana (Swan Pose) from the Sanskrit word “Hamsa” meaning the ‘Swan’. The two words ‘Ham’ and ‘Sa’ represent the breath and spirit respectively fortifying the health and welcoming renewal.

How does it Help?

  1. When this exercise is done, the organs within the abdominal cavity are placed under pressure. Consequently, this increases the intra-abdominal pressure and increases peristalsis. As a result, this ensures very good evacuation of the bowels.
  2. The intra-abdominal massage also ensures good blood supply to all the muscles within the abdomen ensuring optimum functioning.
  3. This exercise is very good for removing constipation and piles.
  4. This exercise is very good for improving the functioning of the liver, pancreas and kidneys.
  5. The action of lifting the legs strengthens the muscles of the wrist and forearms and the lower back.
  6. Since this exercise is done with half breath, it stabilizes the pressure in the middle ear and trachea.

How to do the asana?

  1. Kneel on the floor with the feet together and knees apart
  2. Place the palms flat on the floor with the fingers pointing towards the head
  3. Bring the wrists and forearms together so that they touch
  4. Lean forward so that the abdomen rests on top of the elbows and the chest rests on the upper arms
  5. Maintain the balance and slowly stretch the legs back until they are straight
  6. Keep the feet together and place the tips of the toes on the floor
  7. Raise the head slightly and focus the gaze on a fixed point in front at eye level
  8. In the final position, all the weight of your body should rest on the hands and the tips of the toes.

What are the cautions to be taken?

  1. People suffering from hyperacidity, hernia and high BP should avoid this asana.
  2. People suffering from Heart, Kidney and liver problems should avoid this asana.
  3. Avoid practicing this asana during pregnancy and menstruation.
  4. Always perform Yogic activities under the supervision of experts.


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