Blog-5 – Spiritual Benefits of Surya Namaskara

  • You raise your consciousness
  • Develop inner peace
  • Detoxification of body and mind
  • Drives away phobias
  • Gratitude and communion with self

Due to a beautiful combination of variability and repetitive nature of Surya Namaskaras, it allows individuals to do self-motivated practice and it also allows for easy self-manoeuvring since it is repetitive in nature.

Adding Mantras during the practice removes monotony, provides harmony within and produces soothing vibrations that removes fatigue. Mantras act on various chakras resulting in overall spiritual benefits to the yogi who seeks to grow in spiritual sadhana (practice).

Mudras like Namaste and poses like Ashtanga, removes humility and self-binding ego in the practitioner.

Salutations to the Sun, the visible divinity in nature, allows the practitioner to practice with faith (shraddha and bhakti). Visualizing the Sun in our heart centre brings a sense of peace and wholeness.

Breathe Work – The alternate expansion and contraction of the chest helps in regulating and deepening the breathe through the practice. For a novice yoga practitioner, it is hard to synchronize breathing with body postures. Regular practice of Surya Namaskara is the best way to learn the breath synchronization aspect of yoga.

Sense of body awareness – We are usually not aware of our bodies all the time. If we were, we would be sensitive to our posture, our discomforts and thereby avoid unnecessary wear and tear, to be able to detect the onset of diseases. Surya Namaskara enhances this body awareness and improves overall quality of life.

Sense of mindfulness – We do most things mindlessly. Once we learn something, it becomes mechanical and then we are mindless about it. Improved body awareness automatically leads to improved mindfulness. Surya Namaskara practice helps immensely in developing this capacity of mindfulness in everything we do. When we are mindful, we commit less mistakes and there are less chances of accidents and we have better control of our emotions and reactions.

Social Transformation – A mindful person is by nature, more aware of other people’s feelings and hence tends to exhibit more empathy and kindness. Regular practice of Surya Namaskara, not only helps individuals with their personal health, but benefits the entire society by moving people towards a more harmonious life one individual at a time.

Surya Namaskara Prayer:

OM Hreem Mitrayanamaha
Hiranmayena Patrena
Satyasyapihitam mukham
Tat tvam pusann apavrnu
Satyadharmaya drstaye


O my Lord, the one who sustains of all that lives,
You are like a dazzling golden bowl,
Please uncover your golden lid and
Show us the Truth and Righteousness.

Suryanamaskar Manthras:

  1. Om HrAM mitrAyanamah
  2. Om HrIm ravayenamah
  3. Om Hrum sUryAyanamah
  4. Om HraIm bhAnavenamah
  5. Om HraUm khagAyanamah
  6. Om Hraha pUshNenamah
  7. Om HrAm hiraNyagarbhAyanamah
  8. Om HrIm marIchayenamah
  9. Om Hrum AdityAyanamah
  10. Om HraIm savitrenamah
  11. Om HraUm arkAyanamah
  12. Om Hraha bhAskarAyanamah


  1. Salutations to the friend of all.
  2. Salutations to the shining one.
  3. Salutations to he who induces activity.
  4. Salutations to he who illumines.
  5. Salutations to he who moves quickly in the sky.
  6. Salutations to the giver of strength.
  7. Salutations to the golden, cosmic self.
  8. Salutations to the Lord of the Dawn.
  9. Salutations to the son of Adithi, the cosmic Mother.
  10. Salutations to the Lord of Creation.
  11. Salutations to he who is fit to be praised.
  12. Salutations to he who leads to enlightenment.

Surya Namaskara Yogathan:

We invite you all, to join us on 24th January 2018, to experience the wonder of Surya Namaskara and enjoy its benefits on the Rathasapthami day by doing 108 Surya Namaskara(s).

Time: Morning 5:00 AM

Venue details: Arham Mitra Mandal, Service road, RPC layout, Vijaynagar

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    Yoga is practiced daily by millions worldwide, but few are cognizant of its origins and relative importance to Indian culture and identity. Although its history is long and complex, yoga reflects the rich philosophical and cultural currents that traversed the Indian subcontinent over thousands of years.


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