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Blog-25 – Uttanasana

Healthy Women… As mentioned on our previous blog, here we are with the first asana to relieve a few menstrual issues. Uttanasana: The name comes from Sanskrit ‘uttana’ = ‘intense stretch’ and ‘asana’ = ‘posture’. Uttanasana is a standing forward fold, which is considered very good for relieving stress and soothing the nervous system. It is also a part of

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Blog-24 – Healthy Women

“In order to reclaim our full selves, to integrate each of these aspects through which we pass over the course of our lives, we must first learn to embrace them through our cycles.” ― Lucy H. Pearce, Moon Time: Harness the Ever-Changing Energy of Your Menstrual cycle At least once in a lifetime, every woman goes through menstrual issues. Research says that

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