Asanas – Advance Yoga

The next very important level. The graduation level, where the baby passing from standing and walking, now starts running. The  advanced Yoga sequences work your body from every angle and challenge you to test your limits in exhilarating advanced asanas. With years of Yoga experience and mastering Basic and intermediate yoga, you are ready to explore new variations and more

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Bandha means to lock, close-off, to stop. In the practice of a Bandha, the energy flow to a particular area of the body is blocked. When the Bandha is released, this causes the energy to flood more strongly through the body with an increased pressure. There are four types of Bandhas: Mula Bandha – Anal Lock Uddiyana Bandha – Lifting of the

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According to tridosha theory (one of the fundamental theory of Indian medicine), the human body is made by three basic constituents called tridoshas, which are Vata( mechanical functional constituent of the body), Pitta(chemical functional constituent of the body) and Kapha( material functional constituent of the body).If any imbalance in the constituents in the body leads to diseases. Yoga recommends six purification

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