Asanas – Intermediate Yoga

Here, the baby (the trainee) learns from standing position to walking. The journey starts….

When you have mastered all beginner yoga poses, it is time to transition to the next phase – Intermediate yoga poses.

Knowing when to transition from one level to another is a mind-boggling task for a yoga practitioner as the transition should be smooth. Ideally, one should begin with trying the advanced variations of the beginner asanas and then gradually move to new intermediate yoga asanas.

You can find a set of yoga positions modified from the beginner yoga moves and also some toned-down versions of advanced yoga moves along with the basic intermediate ones to ensure a butter-smooth transition. The trainer chooses them as per your health condition and requirements to design your own yoga sequence.

The Yoga here helps the trainees to go beyond their usually active mind and help them experience an extraordinary sense of peace and renewed vitality. It is like stepping out from Primary school to High school. Based on the response and dedication the student now Master in Basics enters the next higher lever into intermediate.

The student here covers the circle of Sarvangasana and other very important asanas.  These intermediate yoga sequences are challenging, playful and meditative which helps one feel the benefits all day long.

The intermediate sequences will create a positive change in you, it has the mind and body balancing sequences which will make you love yourself again. It will awaken your inner warrior, it will help to fire up your third Chakra to stoke your inner fire and strength. It has a safe, core supporting back bending sequences and helps you to reach higher consciousness.

Benefits – Tones waist, lower back, thighs, calves and improves BMR, relaxes and strengthens spine and neck, opens chest cavity for Pranayama & strengthens lungs, improves digestion & balances hormones, beneficial in stress, depression and anxiety, enhances memory, concentration and focus, stimulates urinary & reproductive organs etc…

Veeresh Kumar is a young and an avid yoga practitioner, proprietor and an instructor at SGS yoga school. He is a professional yoga instructor with yoga specific degrees, such as, Y.I.C ( Yoga instructor course ) and D.Y.T (Diploma in yoga therapy). He is been practicing yoga for 15 years, worked as an instructor at prominent yoga centers before establishing Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga 5 years back.

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