Asanas – Basic Yoga

Interestingly, we all have done yoga poses as babies. Since birth, babies tend to get into different positions while lying down, learning to stand or walk, in fact, babies even breathe as yogis and their mind is also like yogis – always in the present moment. So, yoga for beginners is nothing but reminding ourselves the wonder poses that we did in our childhood.

It is like germinating the dormant seed through cultivation. A crawling baby, trying to sit and stand. In basic Yoga, it is like helping the baby to stand on its own. The basic asanas will help us strengthening and opening up of our muscles, flexing our bones and joints, free flow of blood and rejuvenate our nervous system.

Basic Yoga is Jnana Yoga – “baby step” or “path of knowledge” or “path of self-realization”, where the beginners mind is used to inquire into its own nature and to transcend the mind’s identification with its thoughts and ego. This prepares the beginner to the next interesting level the intermediate Yoga.

Yoga in any stage will be dealt according to age, health & body conditions and also based on the involvement and dedication from the student.

Veeresh Kumar is a young and an avid yoga practitioner, proprietor and an instructor at SGS yoga school. He is a professional yoga instructor with yoga specific degrees, such as, Y.I.C ( Yoga instructor course ) and D.Y.T (Diploma in yoga therapy). He is been practicing yoga for 15 years, worked as an instructor at prominent yoga centers before establishing Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga 5 years back.

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