Surya Namaskara

Blog-4 – Surya Namaskara VS Jogging

According to Dr. B M Hegde, jogging is not a good exercise, but it could even be dangerous. In an American Heart Journal years ago, the then editor and a famous American cardiologist, George Burch, cautioned people about that “run to death.”  However, the multi-billion jogging shoe and outfit industry advertises jogging so much that common man falls a prey to it.

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Blog-3 – Surya Namaskara

Surya Namaskara, also known as the sun salutation in Yoga, is one of the most effective exercises currently known to man. There will be no life on the earth without the sun. The Surya Namaskaras or the Sun Salutations, are an ancient method of showing gratitude or paying respect to the sun, which is the source of all forms of

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