My amazing weight loss story!

It was on Oct 2015 I was diagnosed with Thyroid, with the range of 12 and I was weighing 96 Kgs. The Ayurveda treatment has reduced my Thyroid to the Range to 3 but no changes in weight and I was asked to continue the medicine forever.

Luckily I found 'Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga' and started practicing Yoga under the guidance of Veeresh Sir from Nov 2015. I stopped taking the medicine and concentrated on Yoga. Due to the regular practice, my weight started to reduce 1 kg a month. The only discipline I have maintained is to practice Yoga daily and to keep an eye on what I eat. In a year by Nov 2016, my weight reduced to 86 Kgs. Unfortunately, I had to leave Bangalore at this time. But, I continued my practice of yoga daily with a checklist given by Veeresh sir. By Nov 2017 I reached 76 Kgs and by Nov 2018 I reached my goal of 66 Kgs.

I have tried Gym, twice. I suggest not to concentrate only on weight loss, the physical changes in you are for the people who see you. The interior achievement of practicing yoga can be felt and cherished by ourselves. Yoga has also helped me keep control of the range of my Thyroid, Sinus, Weight management, Over Sweat, Healthy Menstrual, Digestion and Positive thinking.

- Vijaya Lakshmi

Online Yoga class for a healthy life

I stay in USA. In the beginning of 2018, I had a lot of Acid reflux issues. Due to which I used to wake up every day with a sore throat. I was not able to eat outside even in an emergency as my diet was very limited.

During this time my friend introduced me to, “Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga”. This was an “online Yoga class” conducted by Mr. Veeresh. At first, I was quite apprehensive on whether Yoga could be taught online. Mr. Veeresh keenly listened to my problem. Considering my age and the problem that my body is undergoing, he advised simple and basic asanas for me as well as to my wife. As I was quite irregular, I developed numbness and tingling in my face. I was about to quit. Slowly Mr. Veeresh included relevant asanas which specifically targeted my problems.

After introducing the asanas specific to my problem, my body was feeling light and most of my problems were reduced. My body became more flexible.

Now, I am eating stuff which I had stopped some 12 years ago. My wife and I both feel much better and feel much healthier than before.

With the help of Mr. Veeresh and regular practice of Yoga, I am now leading a normal and healthy life.

- Apoorve Shrivastava


Re-living a healthy and happy life

I am a homemaker. My day starts with a walk for an hour and lite exercise. Life was all good until I was down with fever for one day.

Thinking it’s a normal fever, took some home medication. But nothing worked hence went to a doctor where I was told it’s a viral fever followed with various tests and medicines. Fever reduced but, I had a lot of body pain, joint pains, headache, unable to sit neither sleep properly. Now, the doctor prescribed me with new antibiotics. This visit to the doctor didn’t help me, he concluded that these joint pains, body ache are all side effects of the viral fever and it would take a long time to cure. Neither Ayurveda nor Homeopathy helped me. I went into depression for almost 2 months.

My routine had changed and I thought of joining YOGA to keep myself active. To my good fortune, I was relieved from my joint pains along with other aches within a very short span. I'm thankful to Veeresh Sir for his guidance to overcome all these health issues through yoga and help me get back to my normal routine. Yoga made me flexible with no pains and lead a healthy & happy life.

I wish you and Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga all the success.

- Pushpavathi, 61 years

Yoga helped me recover from Slip disc

I am a senior citizen enjoying my retired life. 18 months back, I had a slip disc and a very bad back pain. The physician advised me complete bed rest for 3 months without much movement. I was also advised not to lift any weight.

But, after 2 months of complete bed rest, I joined, “Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga”, under the guidance of Yoga instructor Mr. Veeresh. He keenly listened to my problem. Considering my age and the problem that my body is undergoing, he advised simple and basic asanas that I could do without strain.

Slowly he included relevant asanas which took care of my problem but, without applying pressure to the affected area. Gradually my body was feeling light, pain reduced and later vanished. My body became more flexible.

Mr. Veeresh understands your problems,  looking at the age and other aspects, he slowly makes us do asanas which are specific to the particular problem. He not just relieves us from pain but advices regular practice of Yoga for overall health.

After a year of practice, last month I went to the Western Ghats for trekking. In 2 days, we covered 35kms without any pain and difficulty. With regular practice of Yoga, I am leading a normal and healthy life.

- R D Philip


Weight loss, PCOD and Bone weakness

I am a homemaker. A few years back, I noticed that I was gaining weight. I was diagnosed with PCOD and my bone density was weak to withstand my weight. I joined, “Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga” in August 2012. Yoga instructor Mr. Veeresh was very positive, and said it is common and I can get rid of it if I practise Yoga regularly. I started with the following:

  1. Overweight – I was weighing 79 KGS
  2. Had PCOD
  3. Bone weakness (Bone density was alarmingly poor)

Within 6 months of regular practice:

  1. From 79 KGS, my weight came down to 56 KGS
  2. PCOD was cured
  3. Percentage density of bone had improved

Now, I undergo periodic tests, and everything is normal. I am so flexible that I am practicing advanced asanas. I am thankful to Veeresh sir for his dedication and perseverance in motivating me continuously towards better health and life. My family is also happy to see me healthy and stress-free.

- Tanuja

Relief from Spondylitis and Arthritis

I Joined Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga 4 years back. My health concerns at the time of joining: Severe Cervical Spondylitis and Rheumatic Arthritis.

  • After 6 months of practicing Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation, I found complete relief from these problems. (These could not be completely cured by either Allopathic, Ayurvedic or Homeopathic medicines).
  • Now my BP has also come down from 140/90 to 120/70.

I would say that Yoga Asanas are invaluable to the physical and mental health of a person. Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga is rendering a great service to the Society, especially with its specially designed problem specific courses. Courses which address specific problems like Spondylitis, Arthritis, weight reduction, sleeplessness, indigestion, constipation, gastric troubles etc.

I wish Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga all the success in their endeavor.

- Krishna Prasad Babu, 67 years


Yoga helped me with normal delivery

I am practicing yoga from past 3 years at – Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga under the guidance of Veeresh Sir. Initially, I started to correct my gastritis issues, which was very severe post my first delivery. However, with time I realized that many of my other health issues and stress were getting sorted as well.

When I got pregnant with my second child, I continued doing yoga after completing my first trimester. It was indeed a very pleasant experience. It helped me to remain calm irrespective of my hormone level changes and also keep a check on my weight gain. I continued until the 9th month and had a normal delivery. So, all the ladies out there, try to practice yoga during pregnancy and you will have great results.

I would recommend that all of us should include yoga in our daily routine and as it would be beneficiary.

- Chaitra, 33 years

Yoga rejuvenated me

I thank my Yoga Guru for his expertise to overcome my lifestyle problems observed in May 2017. Under his guidance, I have practiced various asanas, dhyana and pranayama every day. After 10 months of continuous practice, I have overcome my lifestyle problems without the help of any medicines. I have achieved a renewed vigor and vitality in my life, providing happiness to me and my family. I express my heartfelt and sincere thanks to Veeresh Sir, for bringing a change in my life.

- Krishna


Yoga rectified my kids breathing trouble

Like many Indians, we too didn’t pay much attention to our ancient system which provides all-round benefits. When our twins had some issues with breathing and fell sick, a common practice of visiting allopathy doctors didn’t give much relief and we were disturbed.

A family doctor suggested to try “YOGA”, we enrolled them in a yoga institute near our residence. We didn’t notice any changes and were still disappointed. Incidentally we had to change our place of residence to Nagarabhavi and obviously, we were looking for a good “YOGA” school.

Hesitatingly, we admitted our children to Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga. The same hesitation has brought smiles on our faces after a year.

What’s the reason for the cure? After detailed analysis, we noticed it’s not only individual attention, but it is the right Asanas for each problem to be practiced for a certain duration.

Yes, today my children are free from the breathing issues and are continuing to practice yoga at Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga and we are very happy.

- Rukmini Sridhar, Mother of Tarun and Tanya

Yoga for healthy pregnancy

I practiced Yoga at Sri Guru Raya School of Yoga under the guidance of Mr. Veeresh Kumar. I would like to share the importance as well as my experience of practicing yoga during pregnancy.

I started practicing yoga from the very first month after conceiving and it helped me overcome many issues, which most women face during pregnancy, such as:

  1. Weight management
  2. Stress management
  3. Healthy growth of the baby

As you all know, during this time women go through various changes, mentally and physically. So, I practiced yoga and meditation to keep myself relaxed and calm.

Our yoga sir was really helpful to achieve it. He guided me to practice different forms of Yoga Asanas according to the trimesters which made me physically flexible and mentally confident and overcome many health issues of pregnancy.

- Ambika



To teach yoga to all levels, through the coordination of body, breath and mind. To offer tailor-made yoga practices on the basis of Abhyasa, Arogya and Ananda (practice, health and bliss), catering for specific needs of people of all age groups, considering their present health conditions.